Unverified Custodial Account

When I attempted to sync my Brave Rewards with Uphold account, I get an error message.

Does it say you haven’t completed ID verification yet? If so, you need to make sure you complete full ID verification/KYC on your Uphold account before it can be connected to your Brave Rewards profile.

Yes! I have had an Uphold account for a few years and it has always been connected to it, until now.

Doesn’t matter. They occasionally have to do KYC/AML, CDD, etc. As such they occasionally request additional information. Also, if you’re in the United States, there’s a tax thing you have to do.

Which one? We can’t read your mind. When you come for help, we really need you to provide as much information as you can so we can best help you. I mean, you could have gotten:

  • Account Flagged

  • Country Mismatch

  • Unsupported Region

  • Limited Account Functionality

  • Request could not be validated

  • Try again after completing ID verification with Uphold

And a number of other things. So yeah, it helps to get info instead of “I get an error message.”

@brewards This means the system has seen some sort of activity that seems to violate Terms and/or as an attempt at fraud. There are a bunch of things it looks at in general and Brave (or any place, really) won’t explain to you what it is that resulted in you being flagged (other word for suspended).

If you truly haven’t done anything wrong, the best bet would be to create a Rewards Support Ticket to have Support investigate. One of two things will happen.

  1. They will tell you that your account is reinstated and you should receive payments in the following month.

  2. They will tell you that your account will not be reinstated, meaning the current Rewards you have will be permanently flagged/suspended.

If they do the first, it doesn’t mean they are saying it was wrongly flagged. Sometimes if it’s a minor issue, they will give a “second chance.” I’m not saying this part directed at you but saying for anyone reading this. A lot of times people think just because their accounts were reinstated, that Brave was saying it was wrongly flagged. Then they go to violate Terms again and then get upset when they get flagged another time.

I have submitted a support ticket and hopefully receive a response soon.

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