Pending Uphold verification


I just saw a problem like mine here in the community and I realized that the topic was closed after you guys asked for the person’s email address. I’ll explain mine as well:

Recently, my Uphold account was suspended but, after contacting them, I had my account re-verified and everything is ok now. However, in Brave browser, there is a problem as if this check is still pending.

Can anybody help me? Thanks!

Firs image: pending problem in Brave.
Second image: integration connected in Uphold.


How long ago was this? If it’s fairly recent, it might just be that it’s not caught up to their API, which is the communication between their computers and Brave’s. Just so you know, it might sound confusing, but Brave’s and Uphold’s system communicates and shares some information BUT staff at Brave can’t actually access it. That means all the communication is just on the back end of things.

When speaking with staff who has spoken with Uphold and helped resolve for Users, this error you’re seeing usually has come up when there’s a mismatch of information regarding KYC. Such as your passport is for one country and your profile says another. That said, it also can exist for fraud reasons or because your account has been flagged and the system just isn’t wanting to tell you yet.

Just going from what you’ve said though, I’m guessing it might be related to you getting the account back and reverified. Uphold might be content with it, but until they actually update everything on their end and then it communicates with Brave to say your account is in good standing the and information matches, then you’ll see errors like you’re seeing. If you did recently update, try to give it a week. Some have fixed just from that. But I’d also make sure all your information and documentation all match with each other.

Thanks for that. I really appreciate your reply so fast!
Today it’s been a week since Uphold confirmed me to be all right and changed my account status to verified again. I think I’ll wait a little longer and then, if it continues like this, I’ll reach out them again.

Best regards

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Ok, hopefully it’ll “fix itself” by then. One thing you can try as well though is to reach out to Uphold and mention the API, see if they can help make sure the new information is communicated to Brave. There’s no guarantee they’ll do anything, but at least it’s said and if the right person gets it, they’ll be able to help confirm it for you. If you get a lazy customer support person, their simple response will be that you need to seek support from Brave.

At least getting that process moving might be able to help when you do need to make a support ticket with Brave, as you can advise them of the change, how long it’s been, whether Uphold said things are good on their end, etc. Then Brave will just try to reach out to Uphold and speak to them on your account to try to get the connection going, if it isn’t.

And, let’s face it, it can take days or weeks for support from either place to respond sometimes, especially since it’s Friday, so weekend is about to start.

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