Ununsual High RAM Usage

hello, I tried viewing my ram usage and was surprised that Brave uses a large amount of ram, 6 tabs for 2GB ram. just want to ask if this is normal? also, I noticed that most of them are Brave Browser Helper (Renderer) that roughly accounts for like 1.4GB, any tips on how can I bring this down? thanks a lot

Hey @gusxeno

Depends on the tabs open and extensions being used. If GPU acceleration is enabled, video (like youtube, netflix) will use your GPU in stead of the CPU. I would test in a private window mode, just open a couple of tabs, view the Brave task manager via ≡ -> More Tools -> Task manager

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Got this. Seems like it was Google Docs that was consuming a lot of RAM. Probably because I had a Grammarly extension included. Thanks for the help.

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