RAM Usage on Brave for Windows

Brave for Windows uses a ton of RAM!!! It seems to us over a GB of RAM no matter how many tabs I have open or if extensions enabled and which ones are and how many tabs are open. I’ve also noticed that in general Brave uses substantially more resources on Windows than it does on Mac.


Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the RAM issue?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Just did, but now interestingly enough it seems to now be using more.

Thank you for testing.
Can you try creating a new browser profile (Menu --> Create profile) and launching it to see if it shows the same resource usage?

Make sure that you only have the newly created profile window open and the one you’ve been using is closed.

original profile (with extensions): about 750 MB of RAM

original profile (with only LastPass enabled) MB of 490 RAM

original profile (no extenesion and rewards disabled): about 215 MB

test empty profile: 175 MB

YouTube seems to take about 200 MB in brave when not playing videos and an additional 150 MB when playing video. Edge takes about 100 MB when idling on YT and 150 when playing video. Another thing, it seems like number of tabs doesn’t affect the amount of RAM being used much. I opened 10 tabs rapidly and it increased the RAM by around 600 MB and after the tabs were fully open the increase dropped to about 300 MB to a 300 MB increase from before I opened the tabs.

So it does seem like extensions are directly impacting the amount of resources being used, which is expected. However, on my end, I’m seeing ~360MB – ~400MB being used by Brave with a few tabs open, 3 extensions enabled (one of them LastPass) as well as Brave Rewards.

I’m wondering if clearing your cache/browsing data may help the situation – have you tried this already?

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