Unlink Uphold Lifetime Wallets/Account

I tried deleting my linked brave wallets from uphold. I contacted Uphold, they tried to remove my wallets with no luck, they told me that it is on Brave’s hands to do so.

I know there is a 4 limit device on uphold account. What I can’t understand is why cannot I unlink those accounts.

Recently change PC totally and work, my brave wallets were on my job’s laptop and pc, which I don’t have access anymore, so I can’t send you walletID version etc of my old wallets @steeven. Not that I have lost any BATS since they transfer automaticly. But now my new wallets will not send BATS to Uphold because of this limit.

How can I delete my old wallets??? I repeat, I have no access to them anymore. I just want to delete all of them, or tell me how can I unlink them from uphold myself.

Thank oyu

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I have the same problem as you.

you can´t, there is no option or way to delete this sync AFAIK and i’m not sure if support can do something their side, or well there are very few threads talking about that. The best you can do, but is not recommended, is to create a brave creators account and selft-tip your self, but i repeat, it´s not recommended.

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Selftipping is forbidden, I already have bats suspended because of that, since I can’t link more uphold accounts.

I’ve read some other forum threads and there seems to be a way to unlink by the brave members manually that for sure.

It is impossible that the 4 device lifetime can’t be changed manually by them, because its basically them who are putting that limit, not uphold.

So if I can’t tip myself, and I can’t have new wallets linked since I have zombie wallets around, how do I withdraw my bats???

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