Assistance with unlinking wallets from Uphold

Hello Brave,

I have been in contact with Uphold to try and unlink Brave wallets, and they have told me that it is not possible for them to do this.

The problem I have is that the Brave wallets that I linked are on devices that have since been restored and new wallets created, so I have no recollection of any information about these wallets.

Is there anything Brave can do this side to unlink wallets linked to the same Uphold account as the one I am using now?

Thanks in advance


I have a similar problem. Got a new device, linked my fourth wallet there and then the device had to be restored due to a catastrophal OS failure. After restorin I cannot link a “new” wallet as my device limit has been reached, but I cannot request that wallet to be unlinked as I have NO data regarding it… what now?

Same issue here: for some reason my Uphold wallet disappeared from my 4 devices (I have no linked wallets in the Rewards settings) and I can’t verify the wallet anymore

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