It has been 2 months since I got my BATs

That’s actually the second month since I don’t receive the BATs to my uphold wallet. That’s seriously weird issue that you can’t unlink the old brave wallets. I literally had to reset my pc If I’m not receiving the BATs due my old linked accounts, there is no way I can unlink them. I tried to unlink from uphold from Authorized Applications. What I tried to do is I unlinked that and relinked again. I don’t want to wait one more month to receive my payments. Do we really have forget rewards because “we can’t unlink old brave accounts”. And yes I tried to click withdraw which didn’t do anything.
Screenshots about my issue:

Uphold only allows 4 lifetime devices that you cannot unlink old brave devices at the moment. Brave is going to eventually add Gemini as a wallet so you probably just have to keep accumulating BAT and eventually your current BAT on this profile can be linked to Gemini. I’m not sure if Gemini will implement a similar device limit or not.

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