I had a corrupted profile for brave rewards. Can I request my brave wallet to be unlinked from uphold?

I had a corrupted profile for brave rewards.

Can I request my brave wallet to be unlinked from uphold permanently because I intend to delete that brave profile.


You can, but you won’t be able to re-use that “slot”. Uphold limits us to four linked profiles per lifetime. Unlinking a profile doesn’t restore availability of one of the four.

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That is why I want to permanent unlink from uphold

Uphold really screwed us over on that one. We SHOULD be able to unlink a profile and regain that slot, but they won’t let us do it that way. One of the reasons I haven’t yet started an Uphold account, even though I have the BAT to do so.

Can I at least figure out which 4 Brave Profiles are linked to Uphold ? I know first 4, but which all ?

I don’t have any accounts linked to Uphold, so I honestly couldn’t tell you how to determine that. I think that technically you can link more than four accounts to Uphold, but only the first four will actually transfer BAT to the Uphold account. Perhaps that’s one of the primary causes of people losing BAT when they think it’s being transferred to Uphold. I don’t know–just guessing.

Yes that correct, if you have 6 Bat Profiles, only first 4 contributes towards to Uphold if they are linked. And you can connect all 6 of them to Uphold.

But the problem here is - As a user I have created many Bat Profiles as I have more than 4 devices or even more than 4 users on many devices. Now I don’t know which of the Profiles are contributing towards uphold. If I knew I might have used those devices or those profile more, so that I can collect more BATs.

That shows the uphold wallet id. I want to know which 4 Wallet payment ID are contributing towards Uphold 4 lifetime slots

Disconnect and reconnect back. If it says you have reached device limit means that profile is not one of the 4

You get something like the image below when you click the triangle.

Hmm. thanks will try this out.

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