Device limit exceeded

How can I unlink the wallets? @steeven

You can just disconnect it from here-

thanks for respond, but i already tried and it doesn’t work

My understanding is you can only have four devices and those for devices are the original four. You can’t add four devices then disconnect one and try and add a new one. Only the original four.

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It’s doesn’t work.i try this bro

You can unlink wallets, but you can never get those allotments back. Only the FIRST four devices you link can contribute to your Uphold account. This is a limitation set by Uphold, not by Brave.

I will have to wait for the brave wallet, i really do not fancy signing up and verifying again

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@rosiecar can I know what if I want to format my pc and install back brave. How do I link back those 4 original wallet back to uphold account?

I do not think you can, unless anyone else knows different. I have looked through uphold settings and see nothing about linked devices. Until a fix or a way to change it is implemented in brave, I think there is no way to restore them, but I could be wrong?

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@urbie is correct. When you reformat your PC, you lose all the BAT that hasn’t been transferred to Uphold, and you lose a device allotment. The Brave team are working on a way to recover those allotments, but it’s not yet available.

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