Any way to remove uphold from my Brave wallet? (without logging in to uphold)

Hi there, anyone know if i can remove uphold from my brave browser? as i can’t withdraw or buy BAT at all atm!

a long time ago, i started making a uphold account as brave asked me to! but i have no interest what so ever to pass out a id to anyone! so i quit mid-way!

i now have a local wallet that i wanna send the bat over to, buuut i can’t find any way to unlink uphold from my browser!

i did read that i can log on to uphold and remove the link from there, but i can’t log on to uphold without giving out a ID! which again, i have no interest what so ever in doing!

is there any way to transfer the already made bat over to my local wallet without dealing with uphold? or am i kinda… locked in place?

When you will click on Brave rewards logo, you will see wallet verified in the top left, click on that and select option disconnect from Brave rewards.

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