One touch close all tabs on android is INFURIATING!

I open a lot of tabs to links I get in emails. Eventually I sync these to my desktop.

If I accidentally brush the window sideways off the screen it CLOSES THE WINDOW, INCLUDING ALL THE OPEN TABS, WITHOUT WARNING!

This behaviour is totally inappropriate. Why, when most desktop browsers ask the user for confirmation, does Brave’s Android browser close all tabs in this preremptory manner?

Off topic, but there should be a function to export bookmarks to a file on android.

In Brave, can you check Settings --> Brave Shields & Privacy and ensure that the Close tabs on exit option is toggled “off”?

Thank you

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Hi, thanks but this isn’t the solution. It just saves the previous session when Brave is exited, and I already have it turned off.

On testing, I noticed a popup message at the bottom of the screen ‘_ tabs closed | Undo’. This is exactly what I want, but the message only stays on the screen for a second, which makes it totally useless. It should persist until the screen is touched.

I apologize for the misunderstanding. I can suggest this to the Android team but it may be a relatively hard pitch. My guess is that the response would be that most users (after closing their tabs) would move onto their next action on the screen anyway, which would close the Undo option anyway.

I think maybe a better suggestion would be to simply leave the option open for another second or so longer (currently seems to disappear after ~4s), which I will suggest.

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Yes that sounds good, thanks!

I still think leaving the Undo option open would be better, or at least something more like a 10-15 second delay, but still cancelled by a touch somewhere else on the screen.

The current setting is so brief that I didn’t even see it until I started experimenting with the UI. Given that I want to undo an inadvertent action, I think there needs to be plenty of time to respond. The user may not even be looking at the screen at the time of the action.

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