Underpaid at the Start of March and now there is no record of February rewards

Hi, I’ve been having issues with my BAT for a while now and have held off posting as everytime I’ve come here I’ve seen people having the same issue and assurances that these problems were being looked into. I upped my ad amount per day and linked my uphold wallet late Jan/February and have had problems ever since.

My December and January statements show higher earnings amounts than I have ever received, and my February statement is still completely blank despite the fact it’s the month I had the most ads to date. I’ve also noticed my pending rewards is now lower than what It was after my March pay date. I really don’t know where all this BAT has gone as it’s certainly not in my wallet and the records are shadily inconsistent with the ads I’ve received.

I’ve attached my most recent statements however useful that is.


I’m also having the same issues.
My own thread created some weeks ago is still yet to be answered.
I’ve given as much proof and screenshots of the last phase.
In the end, it was hundreds of ads, I use the browser for work/hobby at least 15hrs daily, and got paid like… $2? lol. So I support your post as well.

that happens after verifying the wallet, so you are not the only who see that, so I would say there’s no problem with that.

when you go to brave://rewards don’t you see your bat? like this:

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@JetSetz please share the link to your thread


Thank you for clarifying that, however I have here the amounts of BAT received in Feb and March for Jan and Feb ads. I have also attached my estimated rewards outstanding. My biggest issue is that my estimated outstanding rewards was higher on March 10th, after my last payment, than it is now. I came here after that payment and saw that I was not the only one experiencing this. I assumed that as long as it showed in my pending rewards I’d be able to get this sorted eventually, however it’s clear to me that the pending rewards can just change at will.
EstimatedRewards Uphold1 Uphold2

how much higher? after the payment the paid amount is deducted from the estimated pending rewards -this not occur immediately-

there are some cases that the estimated rewards are in fact reduced but the payment still came higher than what was showed in it -in my experience and some others-

Somewhere in the realm of 15-20 pending BAT after the March pay date which didn’t surprise me as like I said originally, I’d upped my ads since January with the full January accumulation having not been paid. The February and March rewards should both be higher than January due to upping my ads and using Brave at least 8 hours a day during work. It’s completely inconsistent across the people I know who use Brave. I’m using Brave on PC, but those I know who use it on Mac don’t even get ads pop up but are generating a much higher rate of BAT. I’m not sure what is and what isn’t intended functionality.

Not sure of thread-sharing is allowed (many forums rather do single ticket/threads).
But you could check my profile and my post there. It’s the only thing I’ve posted.

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