Unanswered/Unresolved 1 + Year Verified Walled BAT's are not transferring to Uphold

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I am posting this 2nd time with no response. I have BAT’s in balance but I can’t see any in Wallet. This January February and March there is nothing that was transferred to Uphold.

I see a ton of such complaints with no answers …Is brave scamming or you guys need some manpower to perform this task?


Always interesting that this is everyone’s first assumption – we setup this entire browser and BAT token system just so we can scam users into giving us back the same tokens that we actively distribute out to users? If there was some advantage to doing that (which there isn’t any logical reason to do this to begin with), wouldn’t we just keep them all and not pay them out to anyone?

We have an open issue at this time where user’s funds are not porting to Uphold as intended. Our devs are actively working on it and we hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience .


Well the assumptions could have avoided with a very simple message on community board, you wouldn’t have to apologize if you were proactive.

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Thanks for your feedback. Will be closing this thread if there’s nothing else.

Well if it is a problem now u are facing. Then why dont u give us a message through community. Or give a message in twitter. I have also complained about this problem many times. but no one responded. You guys should build your support team strong first.

I think that’s what most of the community is seeking, acknowledgment and reassurance, thanks for providing that Mattches it’s appreciated

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I have exactly the same issues and with heavy cybersecurity issues ,I want to make damn sure that any earned rewards as well as transaction money will be safe in an account I access with being an identity theft victim !

Thanks for updating us @Mattches :+1: