You are not getting BAT? Uphold wallet? Check this

Hello guys,

I think many people have encountered problem I am about to describe. I was being served ads and balance of BAT inside browser was increasing however when there was time for that BAT to be transferred to my Uphold wallet, well it wasn’t. I have contacted moderators and support and they tried to find the issue. It was lasting some time, they receive ton of requests, I get it.

To speed up the process you can try solution that worked for me. It was problem on the Uphold side, they did not verify my account(source of income) but I did not get any notification about this. Brave support team reached out to them and then Uphold reached out to me where I needed to send proof of source of income and some other stuff. So if you are having same/similar problem maybe you can contact Uphold directly and try to solve it without waiting for support. If it does not work you can always send request to them.

Also when sending ticket in you message you can send this information in order to save your and their time, because they are probably going to ask for them.

  1. Screenshot of brave://rewards-internals/
  2. Download log and attach it
  3. Screenshot of your brave://rewards/
  4. Screenshot of “Ad diagnostics” (Not sure but send anyways)
  5. Make sure you have updated Brave browser to the latest version
  6. Screenshot of “About Brave” section which includes version of it brave://settings/help

I am pretty sure if you send all of these while contacting support and trying to reach Uphold directly that you are going to save significant time both for yourself and moderators(support).

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