New Phone and it won't let me login to my Uphold wallet until I have earned 25 BAT?!?

So I got a new phone. On my old phone I was using Brave Browser and I had my Uphold wallet linked to it so that all my rewards that I earned each month go directly to my Uphold wallet. On my new phone I installed brave and when I click the Rewards section, it says “Verify Wallet” in the top left corner. But when I click on it, it says “A minimum balance of 25 BAT is required to verify.” My Uphold Wallet has more than 25 BAT but on my new phone I haven’t yet earned 25 BAT from the Rewards program. And lately I have been only receiving about .8-1.0 BAT per month so waiting to get to 25 BAT will take approximately 2 years (even more if the price of BAT continues to increase). There must be a way to be able to link my Uphold Wallet to this new phone.

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