Unable to Verify Wallet

Yes, I still see the status of not verifying the wallet appear

Yes, I still see the status of not verifying the wallet appear



Can not show wallet

When I go into Preferences file the word Brave only appears 3 times. The remaining words in step 6 Open Preferences file and modify brave->rewards->external_wallets->uphold->status to 5 are not in there, so I can not change their value to 5. Man I can’t believe how long I’ve been dealing with this bunk.

Hi @Sarys @dhts @genewolf @fluke @40585740309 @crywolfe @politic1976 @123456789 @dajumpman187 @VaPoR @krynv @mdees1 @locohammerhead @Bl_nk can you try to update to the latest release? It should be fixed with Release Channel v1.1.20


@eljuno Yeah it’s still not verifying, and I am up to date. image

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I followed the steps as well, and I am also still getting the “Verify Wallet” link. I am also fully updated.

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Update has been made.

Verified wallet in Brave browser as prompted. Redirected to Uphold account where Brave browser rewards are now reflected.

Thank you very much for the technical support and the Brave community.
My issue has been resolved.

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@Mattches - updated my browser and verified my wallet perfectly! yay!!!

One thing I have noticed though, my Mobile phone Brave is Sync’d (iOS) - but the wallets aren’t the same? Should they be?

Not yet. Brave Sync only sync your bookmarks. Wallet sync will be added in the future.

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@eljuno @Mattches Well look at what we have here! I saved my bookmarks and log in data, then I completely removed every trace of Brave that I could find in C drive. I reinstalled but is still didn’t work. Then I took the old publisher_list and threw it in the appdata folder in brave, and tried again. It finally took. All I had to do from there was recover my wallet, bookmarks, and login passwords. Finally set up. Way too much hassle than it should have been. Hope it’s worth it. image

I am happy to report that updating to 1.1.20 has resolved the issue for me. My Wallet is now Verified and connected with Uphold.

I was still having trouble after updating, but these steps worked for me:

  1. Go to Bookmarks Manager (Ctrl+Shift+O on Windows)
  2. Hit ellipses icon in upper right hand corner
  3. Export bookmarks as html file
  4. Go to Brave Rewards (chrome://rewards/)
  5. Hit the wrench icon next to your BAT balance
  6. Backup your wallet (I recommend saving it as file to a USB device, or some device that is isolated/not connected to the Internet)
  7. Go through steps 4-6 again, to verify that you have backed up your wallet.
  8. Uninstall Brave
  9. In Windows Program Files, delete any Brave Software directories.
  10. In Windows explorer, navigate to %appdata% and remove anything associated with Brave.
  11. Restart your computer.
  12. Download the latest version of Brave.
  13. Install Brave.
  14. Go to Bookmarks Manager (Ctrl+Shift+O on Windows)
  15. Hit ellipses icon in upper right hand corner.
  16. Import bookmarks from html file.
  17. Go to Brave Rewards and let Brave create a new wallet.
  18. Hit the wrench icon next to your BAT balance
  19. Hit Restore, and enter your recovery key or import the file saved in Step 6.
  20. After your Wallet is restored, close Brave.
  21. Open Brave.
  22. Go to Rewards, and try to Verify your wallet.
  23. You might be prompted to create a new Uphold account - scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit “Log In” instead.

Congratulations, your Brave wallet should now be verified and successfully connected to your Uphold account.

Thanks for all of the help, @eljuno @Asad @Mattches and everyone else! I’ve sent a tip to Brave.com to show my gratitude.

I am marking this thread as solved. Cheers!


Hello everyone!
I’m so happy to hear that this got resolved for everyone! Going to go ahead and close this thread – thank you all for your patience :slight_smile:

so i am TRYING to verify my darn broswer with uphold but its not verifying for me. ive done it LITERALLY 10 TIMES and nothing happens. please help

@itzahme what’s your Brave version and OS?

Version 1.1.21 Chromium: 79.0.3945.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)

windows 10 i am using

Can you try following these steps?

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