Unable to Verify Wallet

Description of the issue:
After having confirmed my identity with Uphold and being successfully verified, I still see “Verify Wallet” in Brave. When I click the button, it takes me to Uphold, where I get a message that says “Your Uphold account is now connected with Brave Browser and ready to use.” However, no BAT is shown in Uphold AND Brave keeps showing me the “Verify Wallet” button.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Click “Verify Wallet”
  2. Sign in to Uphold
  3. Complete KYC
  4. Receive email from Uphold saying I am verified
  5. “Verify Wallet” is still showing in Brave
  6. Click “Verify Wallet”
  7. Sign in to Uphold
  8. Uphold notification pops up, “Your Uphold account is now connected with Brave Browser and ready to use.”
  9. “Verify Wallet” is still showing in Brave
  10. Restart browser.
  11. “Verify Wallet” is still showing in Brave
  12. Restart computer.
  13. “Verify Wallet” is still showing in Brave.
  14. Repeat steps 6-9, infinitely.

Expected result:

There is no “Verify Wallet” button and I am able to hit “Withdraw Funds” to withdraw BAT.

Actual result:

The “Verify Wallet” button never disappears, even though I am verified on Uphold and Uphold tells me that I am connected to Brave. Clicking “Withdraw Funds” redirects me to Uphold, which tells me that “Your Uphold account is now connected with Brave Browser and ready to use.”

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.0.0 Chromium: 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

I first contacted Uphold support, and they said there is nothing they can do for me and that I must contact Brave support.

My operating system is Windows 10.

I have tried restarting the browser.

I have tried restarting my computer.

When I am redirected to Uphold, I notice an “application_id” parameter. I would be happy to provide that if it would help.

Can you share a screenshot of your Rewards wallet?

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Just wanted to let you guys know that I am having the exact same issue.
Using Brave browser on Mac. Account verified on Uphold. But I still get stuck in the same loophole that @40585740309 mentioned.


I too am having this problem. Followed the same steps as OP and received the same result.

cc @steeven @Mattches for additional test.

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Hi there, thanks for letting us know – will raise this to the team ASAP


I’ve verified my Uphold account yesterday however my Brave Browser still shows links for me to click to ‘verify’ my wallet. I’ve seen other peoples screenshots and their wallets show differently. Is there something I am missing? I am concerned this is not correctly linked.

FYI. If I click the verify wallet links, it takes me to my verified Uphold account.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary)
See screenshot below.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 10.
Version 1.0.0 Chromium: 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Thank you @Asad , @eljuno , and everyone else.

Please let me know if I can provide you with more specific information relating to my rewards wallet or Uphold application_id.

I will continue to monitor this thread in case I might be able to provide any assistance.


Same here, I can provide more info too, but sounds like it might be a bigger issue with the linked wallets?


Same problem here, verified my Uphold account 24 hours ago and waited for the Brave Browser to update, followed the same steps as OP and nothing. Still says I have to verify wallet. Same version (78.0.3904.97) , same OS (Win 10).

Hey @40585740309. Did you get any update on the issue ? Were you able to verify your wallet or not yet ?

Hey @Bl_nk , I have not heard any updates yet. And I just tried to verify my wallet again (also checked for updates – I am using the latest version of Brave) and was unable to verify my wallet.

(To be clear: I have validated my identity on Uphold and when I click “Verify Wallet,” Uphold tells me that I am now connected to the Brave browser – however, the “Verify Wallet” does not go away from the Brave user interface and I am unable to withdraw tokens).

I emailed Brave support 5 days ago and got an auto-reply suggesting that I post on the community forums, which I have done here.

Additionally, I let Uphold know that I was not too satisfied with the support they gave me. They got back to me and said they are going to look into the issue deeper.

Hopefully Brave devs can collaborate with Uphold to get to the bottom of this.

I will definitely update this thread if I get any personal update outside of here. Until then, fingers crossed that we hear back from the devs about this. I imagine it might take a little bit of time to resolve, but I am sure they are on it.

I’d bookmark this thread and keep checking back. Cheers!

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We’re still looking into this. Can you try a cache clear / hard refresh on your Uphold dash? Just reached out to the team for an update.

I cleared all browsing data. Still nothing.

In my Uphold settings I can see it is “linked” from that side (screenshot below)…
I just don’t see why it isn’t linked or sync’d from the browser to Uphold.
Clicking ‘verify wallet’ in Brave takes me to my account - even if I log out of Uphold and click that link then login, this just takes me to my Uphold dashboard but the browser is still unverified.

I have tried clearing all browser cache + hard refresh on the Uphold dash and am seeing the same results.

Here is a screen capture, I hope it helps:

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Hi Brave team - any updates on this?

Has anyone worked out a fix to this? I am still disconnected from my Uphold wallet. Very annoying. Earning BAT tokens but what is the point if they are in limbo?

Yeah this has left me with a real bitter taste in my mouth, I had no idea Brave Customer Support was so bad when I installed it. All of the problems I have with the browser have already been reported in this forum and not been fixed, or even had an update outside of “we’re looking into this”. It’s buggier than Chrome, and the BAT system doesn’t work properly, why am I even using this browser anymore? This issue was first reported in MID OCTOBER and it’s still a problem.

fluke, thanks for your continued updates, I’ve been in the exact same boat watching this thread hoping that you’d get an answer, I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed by this.

I don’t mean to call anybody out specifically, but it’s really not good customer service to leave us hanging on an update, tell us to do something that we’ve likely already tried, then not reply for a week while merging other complaint threads into this one.

Uphold’s customer support FAQ offers a better solution than anything that’s been posted in this thread, despite multiple people reaching out to their customer support and being told that it’s not a problem on Uphold’s end. Their fix didn’t work for me, but it might work for someone else.

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hi all, just saying i am also having the same issue of non payment, no support, multiple emails sent and posts made here too but nothing doing

the payments in my case were actually me buying tokens rather than earning through ads so it is actually my money which now appears to have gone missing

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