Verified Uphold account, but unverified Brave Rewards account

Description of the issue: Unable to Verify Brave Wallet, even though Uphold account is verified

Actual Result: I click on “Verify Wallet” in Brave and it redirects me to Uphold, and Uphold says my wallet is verified even though brave says it is not. Brave1 Brave2

Expected result: It says wallet verified when I click on brave rewards and I can withdraw funds from my Uphold account.

Reproduces: It happens every time I try to verify my wallet from Brave

[Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

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Hi all,

{First, I’m new to this platform and unfamiliar with the formatting of the interface. Apologies in advance if this looks odd or if my “@'s” don’t come out right. Shame their’s no preview before sending.}

I am having a very similar problem. The only difference is that while my Uphold account is fully verified, the Brave wallet has NEVER been recognized in Uphold. Every time I select “Verify Wallet” in Brave, it goes to my Uphold login and I see my Uphold account. I have NEVER seen the split screen in the demonstration videos where you are given the opportunity to connect my Brave wallet to my Uphold account. It just behaves like a direct login link.

Brave is up to date
Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I can see this was declared “resolved” in release 1.1.20, and many threads on this have been closed without resolution.
Unfortunately, this is still a problem in the current version 6 months later.

So, to be clear…

  1. I have a fully verified Uphold account.

  2. My Brave browser show my Brave wallet is unverified (not linked) with Uphold.

  3. I select “Verify Wallet” and get to here.

  4. In the video tutorial here: at 0:30 there is a screen that I have NEVER seen. I get this login screen:

  5. And then I’m simply in my unattached Uphold account screen in #1 above… (Why? “I don’t know”… Third base)

I’m sure that this is supposed to work properly, and I know that a whole lot of people have put a lot of time into getting this bug eradicated. However, further fumigation is definitely required, or there needs to be better instruction on the process.

PLEASE HELP. This is not a dead issue.

I know that folks like @eljuno @Mattches @Asad have been involved in the past. I hope that their familiarity with the problem will facilitate an updated solution to this pesky situation.

Thank you in advance, Scott

Thank you so much for detailed report. Could I maybe ask you for one more thing. Important step that is missing is url flow. So could you logout of uphold and then go through verify flow on browser again. But this time please record your screen (including url bar) so that we will see if you are redirected to a wrong page or something like this. Thank you very much for the help

Hi, I recorded my screen while attempting to verify my account, and this is the result:

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This is really helpful. We have an issue logged here and I am also talking with Uphold to double check things on their side.


@AJ4 @sscampbe happy to also jump on a call and check it directly via screen share. If you want to do this as well just ping me via email nejc[@]


@nejczdovc Hi, was this resolved at all? I’m having the same problem, it just goes round in circles. I spoke to Uphold and they confirmed the account is verified but Brave Rewards says I need to verify still. Thanks, Ella.

Hi there! Thank you for the efforts you’re putting into this!
Do you have news for us? I’m having the same problem and I’ve been looking for an answer for a long time now :slight_smile:
Kind regards

Happy to jump on a call and see what is the problem. Just send me an email to nejc{@}

Thank you for the call, glad that we fixed your problem.

Thank you so much for your help, that’s very kind of you to have spent this time with me :slight_smile:

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We put some fixes in place for this flow, so this problem will be automatically fixed with version 1.13 (targeted August 25, 2020)


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