Unable to turn off Search History in Address Bar

I absolutely do not want my search history being shown to me via the address bar.

There is also no way to disable this.

Moreover, if i type something into the address bar, it won’t even autocomplete to the search history that is related to what i’m typing - It just stays there, as if it is a necessity to show me what my recent searches were.

I absolutely abhor this feature for the case that another individual may use my browser.

This only happens when you New Tab + unfocus the address bar + focus the address bar again, and bam your recent search history is there.

Even if this is by design, please allow an option to disable this.


I’d like a way for this to happen as well! What happened to PRIVACY, not only the above problem is bad whenever I type into google search, predictive/auto complete kicks in despite being off in the settings.

Started using Brave as an alternative to Chrome but it’s just as invasive/busted. Will be looking for another browser - one where I can actually CONTROL what I want it to do.

Apologies for the rant, but enough is enough.

Same problem here.
It just started by itself after I updated the browser.
Ideally I would like to have nothing at all show up if I click on my address bar and suggestions should only show up based on what I type.

Set to priority P4, so we’ll be seeing our search history for a while…

Every update for this browser seems to bring a new, strange erosion of privacy and/or new defaults that no one wants to be opted in to. Constantly disrespecting your own ethos is an awful look.

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