Search history retained in address bar

Description of the issue:

Search history retained in address bar even after toggling off the “Show autocomplete in address bar” option in the Brave privacy settings.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Write something in the address bar and search
  2. Close the tab and open a new one
  3. Tap in the address bar and voila! You can see your search history.

Expected result:

Search history should not be retained by default. Or there should be an option to turn it off.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Android 12

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Thank you for reaching out. I believe that the setting you’re looking for is right below that — should be Autocomplete searches and URLs that you need to toggle “off”. Let me know if this works for you.


Look! All of them (including the one you’ve mentioned) are turned off. But I still see search history in my address bar!?

(All of these searches were made after toggling off the options)

Umm, just want to ask a question that might clarify the difference. What you’re speaking about is History, rather than Autocomplete, right?

The difference is History will show up with past searches. Whereas autocomplete will actually offer suggestions as you type. Difference between the two shown in screenshots below:

Autocompletion On:

Autocompletion Off

You see when I hit C with it turned on, that it automatically suggested and a bunch of other sites that start with C based on History. But when turned off, it didn’t suggest anything. But yes, recent History then showed instead.

Asking and clarifying as I think it really is two different functions. So rather than talking about autocomplete as the issue at hand, it would just be that you’d like it not to save History.

And I think only way you can do that is to use Private Window or to clear History on exit. Anything more than that would be a feature request or something.

Anyway, that’s my question and contribution. Hoping maybe helps narrow things down and point in direction of a solution.

Yeah. I’m talking about search history. Not autocompletion in general.

Look at the below screenshot to understand clearly.

Okay, yeah. I think only way that will not be displayed is just if you’re clearing on exit or whatever. It kind of assumes if you can go to History and see it, why not show it there? I’m pretty sure there’s no option to stop it from displaying there, but would kind of be bounced back to @Mattches. Sorry to have stepped in, just was seeing what had been mentioned and wanted to make sure talking on the same thing.

That was totally okay. Thank you for clarifying this.

That’s truly disappointing. Yeah I understand the logic of being it on history so why not just show it here. But it’s not a good argument from a privacy standpoint. And I see there’s a option called “Clear data on exit” but that’ll clear all the browsing data including cookies and site data no.? So then that’s not a good solution either.

Yeah, I just tested to be sure. Thought maybe it would work similarly to Desktop in that maybe whatever options you had selected in Clear Browsing Data would be what gets erased, but it did indeed log me out of everything on my Android.

In all though, might just be as I mentioned, something to create over at #brave-feature-requests with Android tag.

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It does not appear that the current options available allow for this functionality. However, I agree that it should be. As such, I’ve opened the following issue for the devs to review and consider implementing:

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


Sorry didn’t gave an update here. I have created a feature request per your suggestion here :

Now let’s wait and see how, when and what solution we get from the dev team.

Thank you all for helping @Mattches @Saoiray

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@eecos All good, and as you see, at least Mattches created an open issue for it on Github, which is what’s used for projects. There’s no guarantee when/if it will be picked up, but at least it’s there for the Android team to see and hopefully for the devs to get done.

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