Unable to turn off Search History in Address Bar?

Unable to turn off Search History in Address Bar?

I know I’m not the first one, but why does Brave Browser not implement this?
Please put an option to not save search histories in the adress bar,

unless Brave browser does not care about user’s privacy

This is one of the worst privacy violations of all I agree – I will be removing this browser if this is not resolved. #1 Brave should not store ANY history UNLESS I set it to, Nothing should be saved in the way of web pages or searches anywhere unless a user expressly sets this option.

I think the option to open Brave in a private window covers this. Using private windows in Brave does not save history. I have seen posts from Community members that say they use private windows exclusively.

I use a private window frequently. Especially if I do not want anything saved to history. Is there a reason you do not use this option? Or what are the drawbacks vs having these options available in settings?

I guess I am trying to understand why adding settings would be better than using Brave in a private window. To me, this would just be one more thing to maintain and I’m all for keeping it simple. I can see myself wanting to save history in a particular instance and then forgetting I had this enabled! A private window slaps me in the face (those colors! ugh) and is like a reminder that certain features are not available. :smiley: