How do I turn off the search suggestion in the address bar

As per this image the old searches are turned on but I cannot find the option for disabling that.

I have turned off Settings > appearance > “Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar” options and Settings > privacy and security > “Auto-complete searches and URLs” but these did not help.

Any Ideas?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. launch brave.
  2. open a new tab.
  3. click on the address bar
  4. observe that the old searches appear as suggestions

Expected/preferable observation:

  • Clicking on the address bar does not show previous searches
  • Clicking on the address bar does not show previously visited URLs
  • Clicking on the address bar does not show any kind of menu.

Version 1.48.167 Chromium: 110.0.5481.104 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hello @Debagnik, thank you for reaching us out. Have you tried deleting cookies and cache recently? Do you use extensions? If so, might be some of them is interfering on the search bar functionality. Hope it helps. Regards.

Thanks for taking the time to help me here.
I have tried deleting the cookies, but the issue didn’t resolve.

the list of extensions I use is as follows:

  1. Absolute Right click enable
  3. Bitwarden password manager
  4. Google Translate.
  5. Grammer checker
  6. SAML-Tracer

I use all of these extensions on a different machine, but there the search bar works as expected.

I tried clearing caches, but it didn’t help.

I have mentioned additional info on another comment but it has been flagged as spam by Askimet bot.

Hello again @Debagnik, I just saw your reply is hidden for any reason. In case you are using some extensions try removing some of them or one by one to see which one might be causing the issue. Also you can try in a private window or creating a new profile. Let us know if the issue persists. Regards.

I am having the same issue. This is really bad for a Browser who promotes itself as the best option for privacy and security.

And it is even worse, if you press “Shift Delete” while on top of the suggestion the normal behavior is to delete. But it will eventually come back. Really really bad.

I assume there is somewhere a cache of the “Browsing History” inside of Brave. Because I even went to google itself and deleted those suggestions and now they do not show up anymore in Google but the continue showing up in the address bar.

Hello again @Debagnik, I am following up this case. Is this still an issue for you?

Hi @Jarc-1107
Sorry for the late reply,
Yes this is still an issue for me

Please note that I had previously mentioned this is not an issue on my other machines, But now I am checking on my different devices this issue exists there as well, as far as I remember this didn’t use to happen.

Troubleshooting steps I did:

  1. Removing extensions.
  2. Clear browsing data, caches
  3. Using bing and brave as the default search engine

Result Observed:

  1. Removing extensions didn’t make much of a difference
  2. the search bar was empty at first but started suggesting previous searches as I started using more and more.
  3. I am yet to observe enough differences to make a conclusion after the search engine change, I will keep you posted.

A small follow-up, In a windows VM I installed Brave from scratch. Then I used it for 2-3 weeks Settings > appearance > “Show autocomplete suggestions in the address bar” options and Settings > privacy and security > “Auto-complete searches and URLs” are turned off and the default search engine is Bing.

I observed a similar result as the above. I am opening this as an issue on the Brave desktop browser github repo

follow these steps:-
Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar
turn it on
uncheck all boxes
( I had 3 of em 1) top sites, 2) browsing history, 3) bookmarks )
you can uncheck only histroy one if you want

I hope this might help you

The Shift + Del option does work and should remove the entry entirely.

Appreciate the thorough testing. That said, this certainly should be working and testing on my end, I do see the desired results:

To confirm, have you updated the browser to the latest build since posting this originally? I’m not convinced that will completely resolve the issue but just wanting to make sure here. I’ve reached out to the team for more information as, again, this should be working as shown on my end.

The solution you gave to @Havohej didn’t work,

I am yet to update the latest. I will confirm this after I do an update.

Appreciate for you time

@Mattches @unknownfellow1

@Mattches This seems to be happening to me in all my systems the Video I am attaching shows that even toggling the option for settings>appearance>“Show autocomplete suggestions in the address bar” didn’t make any difference,

I also tried working on the suggestion @unknownfellow1 made but that didn’t work either.

PS: This is still not the latest version.

Comment: @Mattches After reviewing your video I observed that. You are not getting any suggestions when typing something on the address bar, which is expected, this is working fine on my end. I am asking for suggestions that are
appearing when I select/activate the address bar and do not type anything inside that. I hope my issue will be clearer in the video I am attaching.

Video link since I cant directly upload here


I have downloaded and installed the latest stable build Version: 1.49.132 Chrominum: 111.0.5563.147

The issue persists

Here is a video

Another new observation I made is:

  1. while the auto suggestions are turned off the suggestions are only populated with recently searched items terms (Like if I searched a java error code it was visible but I used box directly using those were not showing)
  2. When the auto suggestions are turned on the suggestions are populated with the recent URLs and the recent searches (Like in my case).
  3. the previous observation that I made that typing something on the address bar doesn’t show any suggestion stands invalid in this version.

I expect nothing to show up in the suggestions when either activating the address bar or typing something.

Thank you for the confirmation and for the additional information. Looking into this now — when I click into the address bar, I do see those suggestions as you mentioned.

The issue is resolved with PR #17587 and is available on v1.50.xx or above.

@Mattches @Jarc-1107 @unknownfellow1 for your time and effort into this.

Refer to issue #29461

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@Debagnik @Mattches

The deleted entries from the suggestions are indeed deleted. But they come back after a while. So the problem is still there.


could you kindly, describe your issue/steps to reproduce and upload a screenshot/screen recording of that Issue? I tried to simulate the issue with the limited info I got from your replies. but I couldn’t reproduce that and as I mentioned earlier the issue with the search suggestion was fixed in a newer (build v1.50) please visit Issue #29461 to get more insights on this. If you still have that issue you are free to reopen that issue

Sure, you type any letter, let’s say '“r” then you will have a list of suggestions, you then use the arrow keys and go down to any of the suggestions coming from “Browsing History” and you press shift-delete. The suggestion is indeed deleted.

Now you go back to the address bar and delete what you type and you type any other letter that is not “r”, lets say you type the “t”. You will see all the suggestions for “t”. Now you delete everything again from the address bar and you type again the “r”. You will see now that what you deleted before is back.

I’ve tried going to and typing the “r” there and deleting the suggestions. They will never show up again when using google. But when using Brave those suggestions are there and I can’t get rid of them.

As @Debagnik mentions, there should be a fix coming to help with this issue.
That said, using the instructions you listed above, I do not see the same behavior. Observe the video and process below:

  1. On a fresh profile, I’ve performed two searches (one for Brave and one for Magic the gathering
  2. I return to the search bar and type m — the search suggestion pulled from my history shows the Magic the gathering suggestion. I click the x next to the suggestion (performs the same operation as using the Shift + Delete method).
  3. Return to the search bar again and type b — search suggestion for Brave shows up. I click the x there too.
  4. Return to the search bar again and try both letters again — nether of those terms are suggested again.