I deposited USDC on Optimism network but its showing this error

I deposited USDC on Optimism network but its showing this error. Please help me.

Looks like you’re using USDC bridged from Ethereum, which has been deprecated over native USDC issued by Circle. Bridged USDC on Optimism will continue to function, but it won’t be fungible with Circle’s native USDC contract.

I suspect this deprecation is the reason that our pricing information is off. I suggest you swap your bridged USDC with the native variant for increased security and accurate price data.

How can I swap that can you please tell me steps. I am not getting USDC on the swap feature.

You need to add the USDC token to your list of visible assets first.

:point_right: Step 1

Head over to Portfolio and open the Visible Assets as indicated in below

:point_right: Step 2

In the modal that appears next, click on Available Assets > Add custom asset

:point_right: Step 3

Enter the following details in the “Add custom asset” modal, and click on Add followed by Save changes.

Network: Optimism
Token address: 0x0b2C639c533813f4Aa9D7837CAf62653d097Ff85
Token name: USDC (Native)
Token symbol: USDC
Decimals of precision: 6

:point_right: Step 4

Head over to Swap and you should be able to swap your bridged USDC for native USDC.

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Its showing Insufficient ETH Balance but I have approx. 3$ ETH. Or is like I need ETH on the same network (Like I want to swap Bridged USDC to WLD over Optimism Network so I would require ETH on Optimism Network only to pay the gas fee, Right?)

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Sorry for the late reply. Yes - the gas token (ETH in your case) balance needs to be on the specific network on which you’re transacting.

You can read the text on the button as “Insufficient ETH balance on Optimism”. Maybe we’ll update the text to indicate this. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions.