Help me send usdc from my brave wallet to another account. I'm trying to send but it's giving errors

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Help me send usdc from my brave wallet to another account. I’m trying to send but it’s giving errors

Do you have enough gas for the transactions ?

You notice you didn’t answer the template questions. To get help, its very important to answer them.

No i don’t have any gas transactions

you need enough gas on whatever chain you have the usdc. eth for ethereum bnb for binance smart chain, sol for solana, etc.

what chain are you using?

I’m using ethereum.i have usdc on this chain which now i’m trying to send to another account but it’s giving errors

you need to also have enough eth in the same wallet that you are sending from to cover the gas.

Okay thank you. For example if i’m sending $10 how much eth should i have?

it will vary based on chain activity. you can get a current estimate at

looks like around $2-4 at the moment. the amount of usdc you are sending doesn’t really matter the cost is based on the type of tx.

What’s wrong with this app?The usdc i had is not even reflecting. My balance is 0

what is the wallet address? do the tokens show on the block explorer?

Please help. I don’t get it why i can wake up to find nothing left in my account yet i have not done any transactions

again, what is the wallet address? can’t look anything up without it.


ok a quick look sees a 0 balance and 0 transactions on the ethereum chain, but a $ 10.40 usdc on optimism.

seems you had the chain mistaken. if you set your wallet network to optimism it should show up.

Please can you help me send the $10.40 usdc to this address 0x467a8403342dabd02355d31c3fc62363e4b4680c

is that address also on optimism or are you wanting to send to another chain? this is very important, the wrong information could result in the loss of your tokens.

No, it’s not on optimism. It’s just another account. Is it possible?

it is possible using bridges, but I am not familiar with doing that myself.

I am going to tag @Saoiray @SmartyAadi and @steeven as likely to either be able to help or know who can.

@lowner I’m usually one of the last ones to tag when getting deep into crypto stuff. Best people to tag on this typically would be @hub or jleonard from Wallet team -or- @Evan123 and possibly Mattches on Support team.

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i was leaning toward ‘know who can’ on your end. :wink:

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