Withdraw ETH from Brave crypto wallet to Uphold wallet


I have withdrawn ETH from Brave Crytpo Wallet to Uphold. The fees of the transfer has been paid. The transaction is confirmed but the funds never leave my Brave Crypto wallet.

What is going on?

Thanks for your help.

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Hello Community,

Is it long the transfer to the external cryptowallet. The funds still in my Brave Cryptowallet? I’m afraid if I try to withdraw again, Brave will paid its fee and the funds never leave again. What do I have to do? Did somebody do it before? Thanks in.advance.

It seems other Brave Users who change their Deposit Currency to another crypto other than BAT have withdraw issues. It’s probably safer to leave the Deposit Currency as BAT then exchange it for ETH once it is deposited and confirmed with Uphold.

Brave Users earn BAT so when choosing a different Deposit Currency that BAT must be exchanged to BTC ETH XRP etc. My guess is that the exchange takes place on Uphold, Gemini (Creators only) or another third party (so many crypto exchanges). To add there is a fee when exchanging crypto and with ETH (BAT uses the Ethereum network) price right now, the Gas fees are quite high.

Again my tip would be to leave it as BAT, withdraw then exchange it later once it’s in your hands.

Thanks for your message, sphyber.

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