Unable to send eth, arbitrum chain

Hello I have an issue sending eth from my wallet to binance address. I always get ERROR on transaction status, no transaction is started, I get error code 32603. Brave version is V1.33.106 (Dec 14, 2021), I’m using new brave wallet (not deprecated one), arbitrum chain is properly configured. I think this could be related to gas fees wrongly calculated, but even if I increase them, nothing changes.
Please support
brave error

In the transaction confirmation screen, you should see a button called “Edit” to modify the gas fee parameters. Could you please tell us the values for gas limit and gas price that you’re seeing?

I also have the same issue. Cannot send AEth to my metamask wallet. Also cannot pay for things using the AEth with Brave Wallet

Could you try @onyb’s steps and provide us with more info? Thanks.

There u go, but even if I change it, same error

@support team, u can easly understand that no answer or solution after almost one month, is very disappointing for brave wallet users…funds are stuck on the wallet and i cant make any transfer…very very disappointing