Unable to send eth, arbitrum chain

Hello I have an issue sending eth from my wallet to binance address. I always get ERROR on transaction status, no transaction is started, I get error code 32603. Brave version is V1.33.106 (Dec 14, 2021), I’m using new brave wallet (not deprecated one), arbitrum chain is properly configured. I think this could be related to gas fees wrongly calculated, but even if I increase them, nothing changes.
Please support
brave error

In the transaction confirmation screen, you should see a button called “Edit” to modify the gas fee parameters. Could you please tell us the values for gas limit and gas price that you’re seeing?

I also have the same issue. Cannot send AEth to my metamask wallet. Also cannot pay for things using the AEth with Brave Wallet

Could you try @onyb’s steps and provide us with more info? Thanks.

There u go, but even if I change it, same error

@support team, u can easly understand that no answer or solution after almost one month, is very disappointing for brave wallet users…funds are stuck on the wallet and i cant make any transfer…very very disappointing

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Same problem. I’ve spent at least $50 in gas trying to extract ETH from the Brave Wallet. Tried off and on for weeks, thinking the developers might actually get their act together.

Same problem here and also spent in gas while trying to fix this. I’ve been moving ETH trying everything but money is stuck there in my Brave Wallet and won’t go out.

Could you go to edit your Arbitrum network here:

I bridged some funds to Arbitrum and then added it via chainlist.org but I noticed that the first networks (Brave always uses the first one) were


It does list some other networks though.

Could you try using one of the other ones? I’ll work on using a fallback URL when the first ones are not correct.

This network seems to work if you want to put it first for now:

As of version 1.35.104, this issue has been fixed. For those curious, the bug was due to the estimated gas limit on Arbitrum not being enough - was previously 21000, but should typically be more than 420000.

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