Cant send me eth outside of brave wallet


I bought some eth month ago and decided to send it to brave wallet thinking i would be able to directly buy on opensea but it didnt work.

So now i’m trying to send my eth to metamask but it isnt working either lol. There isnt any error message, when i click on transferring it just close the window and thats it.

Can anyone help ?

Need a bit more information to investigate the issue you’re having. Can you please help me with these questions?

  1. What Brave browser version are you currently using? (see brave://settings/help)

  2. When you enter your amount and destination address in the “Send” widget, I’m assuming you can see a panel to confirm the transaction should pop up like the one below, and able to click on “Confirm”.

  3. If there’s an error while submitting the transaction, you be able to see the exact error message in the subsequent screen - just hover on the icon as shown in the screenshot (example from a Solana transaction, but should be no different for Ethereum).

Rest assured, in any case, your ETH is very unlikely to be stuck in limbo forever.

  1. I’m using brave 1.42.97 on android 11 device (realme gt master)

Here are the step i do for sending it


And when i click on send, it immediatly load a white screen then get me back to my last opened windows without any information.

Hi @Kerimov,

I have opened a ticket for this issue here:

Also, be aware that OpenSea does not support Optimism at the moment.

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