Unable to open password manager

when i am trying to open password manager/ saved password
brave automatically getting closed

Hello @bibek, thank you for reaching us out. What kind of device and OS do you use? Have you tried deleting cookies and cache recently? Are you getting any particular error message or crash report or just getting closed? Let us know this information so we can better assist you. Regards.

I am not getting any type of crash report or error message it’s jut getting close when i try to open password manager. I am using windows 11
I have deleted my cookies and browsing data but still i have facing this problem continuously.
I am not verified at brave reward yet because brave reward currently not supporting my region,so i am afraid to loose my bat tokens, otherwise i can re- install it.

Thank you for replying @bibek, please follow the steps in this article:

Let us know if that resolves the issue. Regards.

Hello again @bibek, in case the solution above does not work, we are already working in this known issue, please check the following:


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