Unable to Logout of Website

Having logged into my bank account with Halifax, I cannot logout. The correct address appears in the address line but the screen freezes showing a blank white page. Logging out of Halifax in any other browser produces exactly the same address line but they all go on to show the normal "You have signed out " page.
Do I just stop using Brave?

Hi @Skylinks,

Thanks for reporting!! What OS and Brave version are you on? Would you be willing to share a screen capture of what happens when you attempt to logout?

Hi Steeven I have spent hours trying to find how to put these screen shots into your reply box. Copy and paste doesn’t seem to be allowed. I hope you are able to pick up the information from this conversion system. John

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While on the site, can you try clicking the lion icon in the address bar and changing the cookie setting to Allow all cookies, then try again and see if you get the same results?

I have previously had Cross Site Cookies Blocked.
Changing to Allow all cookies makes no difference.

Can you try toggling Shields off entirely to see if that has any effect?

Is there a way of turning shields off in one click or do I have to go through the list and turn all the red ones grey?

The top-most toggle will turn Shields off entirely:

I was trying to do something in settings!

Clicking the Shields down for the Halifax website makes no difference.

Hey @fanboynz - would you be able to take a look at what might be going on here?

There is 2 halifax domains I noticed, halifax.co.uk and secure.halifax-online.co.uk. When disabling sheilds, ensure its for both sites/domains. Its a bit hard to troubleshoot banking sites, since private user details.

Initially disabling shields on both had no effect but now, after many checks, I find that with shields switched off it signs out perfectly - with shields switched on signing off gives the black page and freezes.
I’m not sure halifax.co.uk affects anything - it is just their site which gives all their banking information.


If you disable only site-trackers in Shields does it help?

With Cross-site trackers blocked switched off
Connections upgraded to https switched on

Scripts blocked switched off

Sign out works perfectly

The moment I switch the Cross-site trackers on it fails to sign out giving the frozen blank page again.

Can you re-enable cross-site trackers, and ctrl-c (copy) the urls listed and paste here (or pastebin.com link)

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I’ll try 4+3

Here are the other 3

This should help; Give it 24-48hrs and re-test.

Alas no difference.

With Shields DOWN - it signs out OK

With Shields UP and
Cross-site trackers switched on - it doesn’t sign out - just a blank white screen

With Shields UP and
Cross-site trackers switched off -
it signs out OK

What blocked items are now showing?