Unable to interact with pictures

I have used and enjoyed Brave on my Iphone 7 for a while. I just installed the latest version of IOS (13.5.1) and updated the Brave app to 1.18.1 ( Now, i am unable to save pictures or open them in a new tab. The option does not appear in the context menu when I long press an image.

There’s no reproduction of this issue—it acts as though the feature is simply missing, unless I’m misunderstanding some new way I should be interacting with objects. The only object this is happening to is images.

No screenshot—any picture-related options are not visible in the context menu when I long press. This was not the case before my most recent update.

If there’s a funny meme or something I’d like to be able to save it. This is strange and basic functionality to be unavailable which is also why i am wondering if I’m just missing something.

What actions should I take to try to resolve?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not seeing this issue on my end. On my iPad, I’m able to visit google images (for example), long-press on an image and see context menu options appear. Also tested on Reddit:

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OK so I’m looking at your screen shots and I’m seeing exactly what I’m seeing on my screen. There’s no option to open image in new tab or save image.


After opening the image itself in-browser, you can see additional options:

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So the couple of examples I was trying to open were images which are also associated with links (if you click the image it’ll take you to a new webpage, e.g. the hosting site like imgur or the image search result on google) and when I click “open in new tab” it opens the link rather than opening the image. I would like to just open the image in a new tab.

Open in new tab opens the link associated with the image. It doesn’t open the image in a new tab. I also can’t copy an image and paste it for example into a text message.

Google is showing this was an issue for this browser specifically on IOS in early 2019 and it was resolved with an update.

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