Can't open image in a new tab on ios

I’m an art teacher in high school and an illustrator. so I constantly browse through many images.

it’s difficult for me to understand WHY such a basic option like « open in a new tab » isn’t avaible

NO, I don’t want to open the WHOLE webpage and tons of unnecessary contents or ads.

NO, I don’t want to DOWNLOAD the picture either.

and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that such a basic option may have been removed from a browser

I can do it on my pc, with just one righ-click

I can do it on my phone with just a simple long press

so why can’t I do it on my ipad ? I’m tired to switch constantly between several browsers to enjoy things that seems to be basic options to me.

otherwise, great browser :wink:

Android or iPhone?

It is available. But what you seem to mean is you don’t have Open Image. I just tested on my iPhone and in Safari, I can’t open images separately. Neither could I do this in Brave. But Open Image in New Tab was an option in Chrome.

On Safari the options were Share, Save to Photos, Copy, Copy Subject, and Look Up.

On Brave it is Share, Save to photos, Copy, Copy Subject, and Look Up.

Chrome has Save in Photos, Copy Image, Open Image, Open Image in New Tab, Search Image with Google.

So yeah, it’s weird. @michal any clues why can’t do Open Image and Open Image in New Tab?

Yes sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear enough
I meant “open IMAGE in a new tab”

I can do it on my ANDROID phone with opera, or even chrome for ex.

But I’d prefer to be able to switch on Brave, as It does everything else I need and because I just basicaly like its philosophy about privacy and such.

Beside being frustrating, as it’s one of the features I used the most, I’m also genuinly curious about why a feature that seems so basic to me wouldn’t be implemanted on a browser.

Also, thanks for the answer :+1:

I have the same issue in iOS on both iPad mini, Pro, and the phones(however it works on iMac) of no option for image in Brave browser. However, android 10, 11, & 12 tablets and phones has the option of new tab, download, or save the image available.

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