Cannot save photos

Description of the issue: Photos cannot be saved directly from Brave in the iOS version. For example, if I long press on a photo, the options of “Copy” and “Share” will display, but not “Add to Photos.” If I open the exact same page in Safari, the “Add to Photos” option is available, where I can save the photo.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a direct link for an image in Brave on iOS, i.e. anything that ends in .png, .jpeg, .gif, etc
  2. Long-press image to bring up the context menu
  3. There is no “Add to Photos” option, even though there should be

Expected result: “Add to Photos” option should be present so that images can be directly saved to the device (this works in Safari, Chrome, etc but not Brave)

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.23.1 (

Mobile Device details: iPhone 11 with iOS 14.4

Thanks for reaching out to us.
So testing on my end, I do see the behavior you’re describing. However, it appears to only be for certain cases and in other cases the behavior works as intended.

For example, if I visit Google and do an image search and attempt to save one of these images, I do not see the option. Further, I went to the website of one of these pages and attempted to save an image there – no joy. Then, I visited and attempted to save an image by long-pressing and lo and behold, the Add to photos option appeared.

Digging further I found the following open issue, but it doesn’t seem to have been touched at all:

I’ve added this report to the thread and pinged some devs to get eyes on it.

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