Cannot save images that are hyperlinked

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Description of the issue:
Images that contain a link cannot be saved; the press-and-hold menu does not have the option.
I last posted about this in October 2021, with other posts from other people dating back to at least 2019 (including on Brave’s Github bug tracker), and it is still a problem with no solution besides screenshotting the image like a caveman.

Here is a screencap of what the context menu looks like when trying with a hyperlinked image on Brave forums:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Find an image that has a link (e.g. images on the Brave forum, google images, pinterest, literally wherever)
  2. Press-and-hold to open the context menu

Expected result:
“Add to Photos” or “Share” options should be in the context menu the same way they are for non-linked images. Instead, those options are gone. The image instead has the same context menu as a text-based hyperlink.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.42 (

Mobile Device details
iPad Pro w/ iPadOS 15.5

Additional Information:
The workaround response on my last post in 2021 was “go directly to the image”. However, images with a link do not have the option to view them directly as the way to do that (copying the URL via “Share”) is also missing from the context menu.

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