Unable to download Extensions and access Brave website without VPN

I am currently using the Latest Version of Brave.

The issue here is that I’m unable to download any extensions from the chrome web store. Getting a Download Interrupted every single time.

The 2 Extensions I have been trying to download are Tampermonkey and Ublock Origin. Neither of these were successful. I did try some random other extensions but they weren’t successful either.

I did look through past posts and found that someone was able to download via a VPN. I also tried this and was able to succeed but I’m hoping that i don’t have to use a VPN every time I wanted to download something form the webstore.

The second issue i have is that I cannot access any Brave site. Even this site I am unable to access without the use of a VPN. Simply getting “This site can’t be reached”

It happened to me once that I installed a vpn extension in brave and somehow the proxy setting of my pc got messed up and that caused me a similar issue to what you are reporting but in my case I couldn’t access any site without the vpn on

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