Brave is not working without a VPN

Since today my Brave browser is not working without VPN, that’s odd since I’ve checked my extension and I disabled all the add-ones but nothing changed, also I reinstalled the browser (the last version) but it didn’t help. I can’t reach any website without VPN even those websites that are not censored here while I can open the same website via Microsoft EDGE

@Mattches @steeven
I would appreciate it if you help me with this case!

Thanks for reaching out. Just to be clear, what VPN are you using? Additionally, you’re saying that, if your VPN is enabled, you’re able to visit sits in Brave or am I misunderstanding the behavior here?

Yes, my browser only works only when an installed VPN is enabled; VPNs that are extensions not working and only non-extension VPNs (Installed ones) make Brave works.
(and It is not about Killswitch since when all my VPNs are closed/disabled I still can’t open any page)
It’s Clash (Shadowsocks protocol)


It got fixed all of a sudden and I have no idea what the problem was. I haven’t tried to fix it since yesterday!!

Very interesting — I’m going to keep this thread open in the event the issue re-appears as I would like to know if it does. Thank you for letting us know about this initially and please update us if you encounter this behavior again.

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