Unable to connect Uphold account

I am experiencing trouble connecting my Uphold account. It has worked fine for nearly 2 years, but now all of a sudden I had been logged out of the account on the browser and when I tried to reconnect the wallet (on my phone and desktop) it gives an error message. Seems to be pending on my desktop browser. This has been happening now for a few weeks. Please advise on some actions to take. I have tried the reconnect process several times, I have updated the software on both devices, and I have reset the password for my Uphold account twice now. Cheers!

You can connect 4 devices per uphold account

Thanks for your reply, I’m aware of that, but my issue is a little different.

I was hoping for some tech support, that can just take a look for me? I feel like I’ve done all the normal things one might do and I’m not tech minded…

same here on my android. I just says “something went wrong” after reauthorizing with uphold. The error comes out on Upholds side.
My desktop is fine. Its just the phone.
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Thanks for the reply! I don’t know how else to explain it either. I could post a screenshot, but I’m unsure how to here. Any help is much appreciated

I am having the same issue … working fine for the past few months but now suddenly i am logged out and when i try to connect it goes to pending again and again. I checked with uphold account … it says verified. I contacted uphold support and they checked my account and confirmed that it is verified and working perfectly fine. They told me to contact brave support … but the issue is there is no brave support directly … only this community form is available … there is no direct person to contact with … who can check this issue manually.

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If you still have this issue, do this

Worked for me.

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Thanks mate!! This has worked perfectly as described. Anyone else that has replied to this post, it works!! Now there is a new problem: my PC desktop version of brave is saying my rewards profile has been flagged with no word as to why or when it will come back on line (grrrrr haha). Has anyone else had experience with this? How long does it take to come back online? What are the reasons? “Irregular Brave Ads activity”? Whaaaaa??? Plaassee halp?!

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