Not Connecting my Brave Browser Desktop and Mobile App Wallets to my Uphold Account (Verified) - Help Plz!

Afternoon Guys,
Basically to cut a long story short i stopped using brave for a while now that i am back. I have been trying for days to reconnect my Brave Wallet on Brave Desktop and Brave Android App to my kyc verified uphold account.

I follow all the prompts but for some reason it still doesn’t connect! i have listed the steps i am taking below to see if am going wrong?

1.) Open the browser (on Desktop or Phone)
2.) Click on Verify Wallet
3.) Click Login
4.) Type in my Uphold Login Details
5.) Enter 2fa details.

This then opens a new tab on the browser of my uphold account which i am at that point logged into but when i go back to the brave wallet it still says “verify wallet” so its obvious that it isn’t working.

Can someone please help me? Would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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