Brave and uphold wallet connectivity

Trying to connect to add my uphold account and brave browser for rewards I face several problems. 2 laptop and 2 mobiles I wanted to connect same uphold wallet. All the device the problem is same, cant open the uphold account where as when I use Chrome I can open it. Contacted uphold they said it is a problem with brave browser not with them so I am stuck now.
Brave browser image

Google Chrome Image

It appears that in your first image, you’re in the “sign-up” process/screen of Uphold whereas the bottom image you’re logged in. Are you saying that you’re unable to login to your Uphold account in Brave?

I saw the first image in all my device so I switched to chrome to use my wallet. I am unable to login to uphold using brave browser in any device that is my problem. Thanks Mattches.

I’m still not entirely sure about the behavior you’re describing – what exactly happens if you try to login to your Uphold account in Brave?

If I try login to uphold using brave the image you see is where I am stuck with and I can’t proceed any further even though I have an account already. This is happening when I sign in or sign up both the same

@prem83 have you checked the verification mail they sent you?

Can you try instead logging into Uphold directly? That is, go to, login using your credentials, then return to the Brave Rewards page (or panel), select Verify wallet and see if you’re wallet is correctly linked

everyday do this activity but dont get an email at all. the problem is it works on Chrome, safari and mozilla, if it hasnt worked means than it is different issue

@Mattches when I try to login to directly I still see the same issue. Which ever way I go using Brave I am stuck,
Uninstall and reinstalled brave
clear cookies
tried with new uphold account
antivirus and shields is off
Please let me know what I am not doing it right would love to use it but this is a blocker for me now

I’ve reached out to the team about this – however, can you please try creating a new browser profile and see if you’re able to login to Uphold using this new profile?

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Thanks a lot for all the help it didnt work either so I have to forget about rewards

I’m sorry I think I’m still a bit confused – you already have an Uphold account, right? But when you go to login on Brave…what happens, exactly?

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