Unable to claim rewards from claim button

Getting this highly descriptive error when trying to claim BAT. And although my wallets are verified I highly doubt that if I’m able to claim that the rewards will sent to Uphold. I haven’t received rewards since February 2021, they just stay stuck in the browser.

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What os are you using? cause i have a Huawei with EMUI and i have the same problem

I’m on Android 10, OnePlus 6 with Oxygen OS. I had the same problem last month but it resolved itself after a day or two, but this time the problem is persisting.

yeah i have te same problem after the error the browser closes

Hey @Heclalava !

Is your device’s wallet connected to Uphold?
What Brave version are you using?

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@GreenBananaPorridge Yes it’s connected to Uphold. It’s Android version 1.26.74

If your device is connected to Uphold, you should not be prompted with a claim button. That process should occur automatically.


So I’ve been told. There appears to possibly be a device limit causing the problem. I’ve been in contact with @steeven about this and I’ve given him the 2 browsers wallet IDs that I always use and waiting for him to remove any other previously used browsers that no longer exist due to reinstalled operating systems etc.

They only other thing I could think of is VPN usage. I live in China so I’m on a VPN 24/7 to get access to censored internet.

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Having the same issue for the last four months. Couldn’t claim the rewards on my mobile phone. Brave was always up to date, I’m using Xiaomi MiMix 2s with MIUI 12. Is there any solution yet? (My uphold account is linked on my mobile device, to answer this question beforehand)

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