Unable to claim rewards from claim button

Getting this highly descriptive error when trying to claim BAT. And although my wallets are verified I highly doubt that if I’m able to claim that the rewards will sent to Uphold. I haven’t received rewards since February 2021, they just stay stuck in the browser.

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What os are you using? cause i have a Huawei with EMUI and i have the same problem

I’m on Android 10, OnePlus 6 with Oxygen OS. I had the same problem last month but it resolved itself after a day or two, but this time the problem is persisting.

yeah i have te same problem after the error the browser closes

Hey @Heclalava !

Is your device’s wallet connected to Uphold?
What Brave version are you using?

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@GreenBananaPorridge Yes it’s connected to Uphold. It’s Android version 1.26.74

If your device is connected to Uphold, you should not be prompted with a claim button. That process should occur automatically.


So I’ve been told. There appears to possibly be a device limit causing the problem. I’ve been in contact with @steeven about this and I’ve given him the 2 browsers wallet IDs that I always use and waiting for him to remove any other previously used browsers that no longer exist due to reinstalled operating systems etc.

They only other thing I could think of is VPN usage. I live in China so I’m on a VPN 24/7 to get access to censored internet.

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