Can't claim rewards on android

I have been experiencing a similar issue to a lot of Android users here:
I can’t claim my rewards !
I have list of unclaimed rewards, when I click on the button it seems like it does nothing ?!
Can I even connect my Uphold account to my android browser ?
Any staff / support member to help me here ?! Thanks, i hope this post won’t be forgotten like many others with similar issue…

Country: France


Same happened for me in Android, I use Brave beta app in Android.

up, please help.
Can you do something ?

Same problem a month later looks like not even replying about a fix answered my question time to delete this garbage

Same here, with all the phones on the family, no one can claim rewards…

Same here. Opened a support ticket 15-20 days ago.
sent all info to support team via dm.
no one is helping to fix this issue.

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Please fix this issue or the users will lost their trust in this browser very early!

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Having the same issue. Has anyone gotten a response from support by now?

It’s because you’re using a modified android operating system

Who could help me with the verification that they are using now to claim the rewards by phone or pc

Same problem here. Italy, using brave on all my device. Ut despite i am looking at ads i cannot claim any reward nor earn any BAT on my android mobile… Hope this will get fixed soon

I don’t know what kind of problem these are. But it has not been fixed.

First of all, make sure you are using the latest version of Brave. Secondly, make sure you haven’t tried to connect more than four devices (LIFETIME limit set by Uphold, not Brave) to your Uphold account.

I have uphold on a single device which is my pc, can’t claim the reward on mobile, i can’t even link my uphold. No updates available to fix this.

Does your device pass Safetynet? You can test here:

Sorry, I didn’t know that could be a problem. My device’s bootloader is unlocked and it’s using a different region factory ROM, that’s definitely why then.

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