Unable to claim BAT on Android

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Description of the issue:
When I tap on the BAT triangle in the top right of my mobile browser and click on claim BAT it says “ops something is wrong please try again later”.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Click the BAT triangle.
  2. Click on claim BAT
  3. Says Ops something went wrong and I click ok
  4. Takes me back to claim BAT

Expected result:
Cick on claim BAT and receive BAT.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Google Pixel XL
Android 10/LineageOS 17.1

Additional Information:


Yes, im having this issue too. I’m on an android 8.1 device( Near stock android by Motorola), and its unable to claim bat.

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I’m having the same issue using Lineage OS 17.1

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I am having thesame issues
Samsung galaxy note fan edition android 9

Yea it looks to me like this issue has been going on for a long time. You’d think before they took it out of beta for android something like this would have been resolved.

I have been trying to claim my BAT every day since I posted this originally but no luck still getting the same message.

I’m also having the same issues

Are all of you guys experiencing the exact same issue as I am? Like the way I described it is what is happening to you guys?

Same issue here, it seems that is a pretty common one, I got in contact with the Brave support team about a month ago (I think they still haven’t figured out the cause of this issue though).
I think you should send your device and wallet information via DM to a support member

Also same here: Can't claim reward on Android

Hi all - please DM me your wallet ID if you have not received your payment.


How do I get my ID on android?

From what I see you have to verify your wallet to see your ID but I cannot verify if I don’t have any BAT in my wallet.

Ok I am beginning to get a little annoyed. I really wanna figure out what is going on but I can’t get my wallet ID without enough bat. I don’t think you guys will ever figure out this problem if there is not another way I can report a bug. I really like Brave and wanna continue using it and the BAT system is the main reason why I wanna use Brave.

To get your wallet ID you don’t need a minimum of BAT, you can find it here:


is there a way resolve the issue?

This is what I get.

You’ve entered the url wrong. Its chrome-internals with an “s” and not chrome-internal

Thank you this finally workebut just to be clear I didn’t enter it wrong lol it was posted wrong and I copied it lol.

My bad, sorry, didn’t read twice before posting.

It’s all good thanks for posting it! I DM’d the guy and hopefully we can get this resolved I have over 4 BAT now that I need to get.