Unable to claim BAT on Android

Anyone managed to get the issue resolved???

Hi I am having trouble claiming my BAT for April 6. I am not sure what to do next? Can you help me out?

Have you considered switching to iOS? Yes, I am being a smartas_s, but I find that the ratio of Android/iOS posts with responses gives me supporting data (1).

(1) Supporting data

I’ve been having this problem for several months now, unable to claim any of my brave rewards. How can I solve this issue? The BAT balance that is pending is under 25.

The best thing to do is screenshot your BAT estimate. You MUST do this the last day of the month. Your ad counter resets the first. Screenshot reward data again on the 5th.

Come here to Community and look for [x month] megathread.

Do not wait to post your dilemma with supporting evidentiary screenshots.

The early bird gets the BAT.

Pay attention to whom is doing work BAT side, and also look put for moderator comments in said mega. There is a template for stating user problems, and using it is a workflow efficiency BRAVEside.

Use the template and DM the sheriff of the thread.

The squeaky wheel also gets the BAT.

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