Brave android unable to claim BAT

I keep getting “Oops, something is wrong” when i try to claim BAT.
How do i resolve it?



anyone has to same issue? how do i resolve it?

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Same issue here and a lot of others are having it too.
Watch those other threads:


looks like is a common unsolved issue… :confused:

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I am experiencing a similar problem on Android. When I click ‘claim’, I get an endless spinning animation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the freaking party been having that problem for over the last year an nothing been done about it I’m guessing it you check under brave rewards and click on pending rewards you’ll have some large amount of bat waiting to be deposited but when pay out comes you get like 2.5 bat and they amount rolls over in addition to being unable to claim it, I was able to get one dev to transfer the fund remotely and it showed on my phone after they did it but not they don’t seem to do that anymore.

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