Unable to change WebRTC policy in Linux browser

I am unable to change the WebRTC IP handling policy setting in the Linux version of Brave Browser:

As you can see in the screenshot the WebRTC IP handling policy setting is greyed out. This is exposing my real IP address even when using a VPN. Why is the setting unavailble?

EDIT: Solution to fix this was to install the extension

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Don’t install any more extensions. The setting looks like to be blocked by an extension.

Open uBlock OriginSettings → Make sure Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP address is disabled.

Also check whether Privacy Badger isn’t the extension blocking the setting. Haven’t used the extension in a while myself.

P.S Privacy Badger is redundant in your browser configuration. uBlock Origin and Brave have your back.

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@Rethanis Thanks, so I uninstalled the extension I added on in the first post, and I disabled the UBlock Origin setting you mentioned, then I was able to adjust WebRTC IP handling policy setting and have set it to Disable non-proxied UDP and works fine, not getting any WebRTC leaks.
Didn’t have to adjust Privacy Badger at all.


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