Choosing the WebRTC IP Handling Policy - help required, please!

I’m not sure which option to choose for the WebRTC IP Handling Policy. I suspect it’s the one entitled “Disable non-proxied UDP” but I need some guidance. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Brave Version: v 1.37.113

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Did you see the Help Center topic? Link below. It appears most users should just leave the setting at Default. Can you provide more details of your scenario?

Hi Chocoholic

Thanks for your feedback and my apologies for the delay in replying. I have now set the WebRTC IP Handling Policy to “Default”. I read the guidance notes on this but it went over my head. I’m reasonably tech savvy but this was a tad complex for my aging brain!


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lol I hear ya and I am totally NOT tech savvy. I didn’t understand it at all, that’s why I didn’t offer any additional input. :wink:

Maybe someone who is really tech savvy will drop in and provide some explanations and suggestions. That would be nice… :smiley:

Oh, that’s reassuring. So, I’m not alone on this one. Would anyone else like to help with this? All suggestions and guidance welcome!


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Here, I’ll spam some other community members that seem to be tech savvy and/or that help a lot within the community. I don’t think they would mind… Maybe one of them can help!


There are a lot of other really helpful community members too! Let’s see what kind of response we get before I tag anyone else. lol

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Hello @Chocoholic and @spinon

choice depend on your use case for example i do not use any webrtc so i choose the latest option Disable Non-Proxied UDP this will use tcp protocol as this option require proxy server so most of the time it will not make webrtc work even if it still available

but if you use it then you can use this option also Default Public Interface Only and it will use the http protocol but will hide your local ip

you can test if there any local ip leakage from this link

and feel free to spam me @Chocoholic :joy:

hope that help and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:


I think @justsomeone1 nailed it, and the BrowserLeaks link is really useful to demonstrate the effects of the different settings. Nicely done!

To summarize, the settings you choose really depends on your goal. There is a balance of performance and usability vs. privacy for this feature. In most cases, if you will be having a video call with someone, one of your least concerns may be about them discovering your public IP address.

But of course we can also imagine that there could be cases where that is not true, and a different setting here could be more appropriate.


@Chocoholic , @spinon ,

I prefer:

Disable Non-Proxied UDP: WebRTC should only use TCP to contact peers or servers unless the proxy server supports UDP. This doesn’t expose any local addresses either.


Hi @Chocoholic @JimB1 @justsomeone1 @289wk

Thanks, everyone for all your useful feedback. I’m now a happy chappy.


@spinon you very welcome :slight_smile:

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