Can't tip any creator

I was affected by the april payout bug. Bug last night @steeven sir recredited my balance. But now I am unable to tip anyone with that balance. When I tip someone, it shows tip sent but my balance is not decreasing and also when I tipped myself the bance is not credited to my creator’s account. Please help me tackle this issue. Thanks.

Hi @Sds777 - what happens when you try to tip?

When I try to tip this screen appears saying you have sent a tip to the site.
But the balance is not decreasing when I see it again later. Like this

Please help me tackle this issue. Thank you.
I am pn brave beta for android version 1.10.76. Please help

Thanks for reporting @Sds777 and for using beta. I will see if this is a known issue.

Thank you sir. Will be waiting to hear more from you.

Plus I want to add that this balance is not synced with my uphold account - and there is no rewards summary on how I received these 33 bat and it shows no activities as well.
I am on brave beta version - 1.10.76 which is the latest version on the brave github repository.

Sir any updates on my issue?

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