Tipping youtube account

Hello, i am sending a 1 BAT tip to a youtuber but it doesnt transfer even though it says that i successfully tipped.

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Assuming the youtuber is a verified brave creator (if they aren’t, that’s likely the issue)

have you verified your browser wallet?

if you are tipping from an unverified wallet tips won’t payout to the creator until the next cycle. it should still show in their pending balance if they log in to their brave creator account.

it seems if you use a verfied wallet to tip and the creator is also verified with the same custodian the tip is near instant.


Yes, we are both verified but the tip doesn’t go through.

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@vel1277 Did y’all make sure to check what pops up when you went to tip? Reason I’m asking is sometimes people have gotten to pages and click, thinking they are at it. But what pops up instead is things like YouTube.com and shows that it’s an Unverified Creator but still lets you tip. Also went through this with someone yesterday who went to their Reddit to tip, but it was showing Reddit.com instead of their Creator ID. It took having to hit Tip on the Reddit page for it to load as their Creator account.

In that person’s case, their girlfriend had tipped all her BAT to what we found out was actually Reddit instead of his account. So they were kind of stuck now having to wait 90 days for it all to get tossed back to them, since unclaimed contributions are returned to user wallets.

TL:DR: Are you guys paying extremely close attention to who it says you’re tipping? People often assume and tip main website instead of Creator because they don’t pay attention.

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Heres how i am tipping

My balanced is unchanged.

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