Not able to tip to my reddit account

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Verify that content level tipping is enabled under brave rewards settings.
Once in brave rewards setting look for the TIPS tab then on the Tips tab look for TIP settings on the top right corner. Click to enable or unclick to disabled.

I have checked all but still the problem exist.

I found you and so far this shows you are verified. Unless you got suspended you will get any tips given to you.
Desktop Screenshot 2022.07.05 -

If you notice there, it’s showing for Reddit and not for your User. If you’re just on Reddit in general, it’s going to show Reddit. Then each user has a tip button next to them in comments and posts. So yes, if you click on the thing up top for Tipping, it will only show that that website.

New Tab - Brave 7_5_2022 6_10_17 AM

So on Reddit, like where Posts and all are, you see where the Tip button is here? Hit that and it should come up for that person.