Cannot receive tips if I do NOT Customize Your Tipping Banner

Hello. I was helping my friend to set up Brave Creators account. It was all fine except even after verifying on Uphold, he still couldn’t receive any tips.

This Brave Verified Creator has not yet configured their account to receive contributions from Brave Users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they complete this process. Learn more.

First, we waited 7-9 hours, then we tried to reconnect Uphold wallet but it didn’t work. And what’s finally helped - clicking on the “Tipping Banner” button, customizing the tipping banner and saving changes. After that has not yet configured text disappeared and I finally could tip.

Intended it or not, but it was really frustrating experience. Could you please look up to it?

I usually takes a bit of time to actually update all the information on the server, so that might be the cause.
It could have been a coincidence that it happened right after you changed your banner.

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