Brave browser is believed to have been broken by hackers, so i'll report it

Brave privacy web browser for iOS version.1.12.1@downloaded it for the first time on October 7
iOS version 13.1.2 iphone6S
When you searched in Private mode, adult sites that were not related to search words were mixed up and avoided the information you wanted to get.
In normal mode, you get the same search results as other browsers.
When I tried to report this from a bug report in the Settings menu, the button did not work.
So, when I reinstalled brave browser, the Sign in button disappeared.
I’m sure it’s a prank exploited by hackers.
Reporting may be a dangerous act for me, but I decided not to leave it alone, so I decided to report it. I think iOS needs to be reinstalled, but I’d like to help if necessary.

Did you install Brave via AppStore?

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